Dangerous Ladies Season 2. Ty Lee immediately chi blocked the angry Azula, but Zuko called her off, gently placing the now paralyzed Azula back in her wheelchair. The chi blocker commented that Azula made no sense, though after she left the room, she admitted to Zuko and Suki that Azula had been wrong and that she had never lost her fear for the girl. (October 13, 2006). Although Azula nearly kills Ursa, she becomes emotionally confused after her mother apologizes for not showing her enough love and even more after Zuko reveals that he still loves his sister despite their strained relationship. Azula eventually met Mai again after she had kidnapped Tom-Tom and she showed no signs of anger toward her, only mocking her for having given her the idea of Kemurikage and replacing Zuko with Kei-Lo, who she deemed to be far more slummy than Zuko. From older Avatar: The Last Airbender official site, originally on Nick.com. Avatar: The Last Airbender. katara; tyzula; suki +15 more #4. [35] Azula is one of the most skilled firebenders in the show and is a very difficult person to defeat in single combat. [23], Like her friendship with Mai, Azula's relationship with Ty Lee also came to an end.

She began screaming wildly and breathing fire, until she ended up on her side screaming, struggling, crying uncontrollably and mumbling incoherently as her emotions spun out of control. However, Azula lies to Ozai by claiming that Zuko killed Aang, as she has a hunch that Aang survived and knows that all the blame would now fall on Zuko if this were true. She was particularly upset that, under the identity of Noriko, Ursa had had another daughter with Ikem, Kiyi.

Throughout their childhood, Azula was known for trickery, causing Zuko and Mai to fall into a fountain together for the sole purpose of embarrassing them. [8] After the war, Ty Lee and Mai were released from prison. [29] In another flashback, it is revealed that she is named after her paternal grandfather Azulon, Ozai's father. Polyship. Fanon Azula was about to attack her in retaliation until Ty Lee chi blocked her. DiMartino, Michael Dante, Konietzko, Bryan (writers) & Dos Santos, Joaquim (director). Ty Lee and Mai were also happy to see each other and hugged. This page is comprised of Ty Lee's relationships with other characters in the world of Avatar. Having in fact intentionally exposed herself, Azula lulls him into a false sense of control, and accepts his offer to help stage a coup d'état against the Earth King and the loyalist Council of Five. RELATED: The Legend of Korra: 10 Best-Dressed Characters. [22], Upon the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Iroh reversed his niece's victory and liberated Ba Sing Se. As Azula directly tells Zuko about her supposed intentions and seems to take his speech seriously, she is possibly acting as a stealth mentor by using reverse psychology on Zuko.

When Mai coolly suggested that Azula miscalculated and declared she loved Zuko more than she feared Azula, the princess lost herself in a rage, attempting to murder Mai with her firebending. Status of Relationship [31] Suki was finally defeated and captured while Azula's team stole some of their clothing, using it to disguise themselves as Kyoshi Warriors and infiltrate Ba Sing Se. Zuko, also referred to as Zuzu by Azula, is Azula's older brother by two years. If I know what love is, it is because of you. When they encountered Ty Lee's sisters, which increased Ty Lee's gloomy attitude as she felt down over being part of a matched set, Toph commented that Ty Lee was her favorite out of the seven identical Ty sisters. [5], The last time Toph encountered Azula was during the latter's assault on the Western Air Temple. His attempts end in failure, however, when Azula distracted Sokka during the last moments of the eclipse, ruining the attack and forcing them to abandon the mission. In "The Avatar State," she bested Zuko in combat without resorting to firebending, and in "The Day of Black Sun," she avoided the combined forces of Aang, Toph, and Sokka for several minutes without her bending to aid her. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Azula seemed to care about her friend's feelings to a certain degree, expressing genuine remorse for her actions.

However, when Zuko called Ty Lee a "circus freak", Azula laughed coldly, contrasting her earlier actions. Posing as Kyoshi Warriors, Azula and her friends infiltrate Ba Sing Se and befriend Earth King Kuei, who tells them about the planned invasion of the Fire Nation during an upcoming solar eclipse. Azula was defeated by Katara during the Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai. Femslash [33], The twins, Lo and Li, had earned Azula's respect, trust and consideration. [14] She also called him "Uncle Fatso"[15] and "Old Fuddy-Duddy Uncle". When the princess attacked her brother, Ty Lee was quick to chi block Azula, earning her a scolded question from the princess, asking her when "she", referring to Ursa, had managed to take away Ty Lee's fear for her.

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