Dumbledore broke the silence by speaking and raising his Goblet in memory and respect of Cedric Diggory, all students of all houses and schools followed this sign of respect. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. I think the impression is that it is possible with finesse to forge a memory that could fool others, but Slughorn did a very poor job of it.

The fact it happened to such a noble and just person who wouldn’t take that cup, thus ensuring he would get caught in the crossfire through his own decency, made it even worse. For all Dumbledore knows, there could've been something really helpful like an unknown new nine-legged Death Eater. It’s still a Hogwarts victory.

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Voldemort goes in to great detail about what life was like after dying the first time. Then Dumbledore has no way of verifying whether it was true or false. save hide report.

For an awkward teenage boy still finding his feet, going up against the likes of Cedric Diggory would be an absolute nightmare. Great Hall, Hogwarts Castle, Scotland[1] Voldemort would soon after be reborn and, despite being dead, Cedric still would play a part in further events, and even help save Harry's life. Yes I know Snape wasn't there, bear with me. (HBP: "A Sluggish Memory"). This solves much of the plot of book six two books early. She even went as far as to force Harry to use a quill which etched words into his own skin: 'I must not tell lies', so he would not continue to declare to everyone that Lord Voldemort was back. This did not stop him. [6], Students had been persuaded by the Daily Prophet which had been writing slanderous things that Harry was lying about Voldemort returning. ‘Both of us,’ Harry said. When Cedric Diggory was killed, she spoke to his parents, as she knew him best. than poor Morfin Gaunt, and I would be astonished if he has not Snape goes back and brings up jewellery in his next conversation with Voldy/a Death Eater. memory-tampering tends to be obvious), We don't necessarily know that this is the case. We know Dumbledore (and indeed anyone) could tell that Slughorn's memory-mod was a shoddy job concealing something. [1], Cedric's death and Voldemort's return created a scandal that lasted most of the following year.

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