roz kahte hai.n aap aaj nahii.n, bhare hai.n tujh me.n vo laakho.n hunar ai majma-e-KHuubii For the meaning of Urdu words you do not understand, click on that word. Suna jo tu ne ba-dil wo payam kis ka tha, Uthai kyun na qayamat adu ke kuche me Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Dagh recorded this moment: Bit by the love-bug in the same measure, Munni Bai too wrote an equally passionate verse on this occasion: Separation weighed too heavily on their hearts but they continued exchanging letters to assuage themselves as much they could. In his masnawi, Dagh wrote: Dagh grew more and more miserable with each passing day. Munni Bai had to leave Rampur again; and again they were destined to suffer in separation. She came back and Dagh celebrated their reunion: It is rightly said that love between two sometimes attracts jealousy from others. Daag Dehlvi is one of the best Urdu poets in the world. tujh ko achchhaa kahaa hai kis kis ne She met Dagh in veils. wafa karenge nibahenge baat manenge Famous for his playfulness of words (idioms/ phrases). Before Start my post on Daag Dehlvi Shayari in Hindi, I would like to introduce Daag Dehlvi first and he is one of the best Urdu poets. He grew obsessive and kept looking for people who came from Calcutta so that he could ask about her. kahiye kahiye mujhe buraa kahiye ye na kahiye ki mudda.aa kahiye During the entire period they had three stints of meeting but Dagh’s love for Munni Bai did not fade out. tuu ne dil itne sataa.e hai.n ki jii jaantaa hai Dagh started seeing some reason; he went slow and took a while to understand. I would dance around you like a flame, I would have made you a lamp and hover around like a moth….For God’s sake come now, or give me a date when I may come; I am in great pain…”. तुम्हे भी याद है कुछ ये कलाम किस का था, Milate ho usi ko ḳhaak me jo dil se milta hai मरने वाले का क्या करे कोई, कोसते हैं जले हुए क्या क्या 1831 - 1905 | Delhi, India. is qadar apne paraa.e hai.n ki jii jaantaa hai, ziist se ho ai 'daaG' to jiite kyuu.n ho They pleaded with him that she had evil designs in mind and wanted to encroach upon all his possessions after nikah. that cursed priesthad to think of God just then and there? In the meanwhile, she was joined by over a dozen of her associates from Calcutta who had come to stay with her for good. In this Daag Dehlvi Shayari lovers find solace as their foolishness and impatience are justified.

Jo log kuch nahi karte kamal karte hai, हज़ारों काम मोहब्बत में हैं मज़े के ‘दाग़’ Famous for his playfulness of words (idioms/ phrases). Aisi jannat ko kya kare koi, Is jafa par tumhe tamanna hai Sign up and enjoy FREE unlimited access to a whole Universe of Urdu Poetry, Language Learning, Sufi Mysticism, Rare Texts, tumhārā dil mire dil ke barābar ho nahīñ saktā, vo shīsha ho nahīñ saktā ye patthar ho nahīñ saktā, tumhaara dil mere dil ke barabar ho nahin sakta, wo shisha ho nahin sakta ye patthar ho nahin sakta, hazāroñ kaam mohabbat meñ haiñ maze ke 'dāġh', jo log kuchh nahīñ karte kamāl karte haiñ, hazaron kaam mohabbat mein hain maze ke 'dagh', jo log kuchh nahin karte kamal karte hain, a heart O lord if you bestow, one such it should be, that smilingly I may spend my time of misery, milāte ho usī ko ḳhaak meñ jo dil se miltā hai, mirī jaañ chāhne vaalā baḌī mushkil se miltā hai, those who meet you lovingly then into dust you grind, those who bear affection, dear, are very hard to find, milate ho usi ko KHak mein jo dil se milta hai, meri jaan chahne wala baDi mushkil se milta hai, tumheñ bhī yaad hai kuchh ye kalām kis kā thā, tumhein bhi yaad hai kuchh ye kalam kis ka tha, on seeing her own reflection she is moved to say, ere their time, my paramours shall perish this day, ḳhabar sun kar mire marne kī vo bole raqīboñ se, ḳhudā baḳhshe bahut sī ḳhūbiyāñ thiiñ marne vaale meñ, upon my death she stated to my rivals, if you please, may God spare the parted soul had many qualities, KHabar sun kar mere marne ki wo bole raqibon se, KHuda baKHshe bahut si KHubiyan thin marne wale mein, hameñ hai shauq ki be-parda tum ko dekheñge, tumheñ hai sharm to āñkhoñ pe haath dhar lenā, hamein hai shauq ki be-parda tum ko dekhenge, tumhein hai sharm to aankhon pe hath dhar lena, sab log jidhar vo haiñ udhar dekh rahe haiñ, sab log jidhar wo hain udhar dekh rahe hain, dī shab-e-vasl mo.azzin ne azaañ pichhlī raat, haa.e kam-baḳht ko kis vaqt ḳhudā yaad aayā, di shab-e-wasl moazzin ne azan pichhli raat, hae kam-baKHt ko kis waqt KHuda yaad aaya, shab-e-visāl hai gul kar do in charāġhoñ ko, ḳhushī kī bazm meñ kyā kaam jalne vāloñ kā, shab-e-visal hai gul kar do in charaghon ko, KHushi ki bazm mein kya kaam jalne walon ka, ḳhuub parda hai ki chilman se lage baiThe haiñ, saaf chhupte bhī nahīñ sāmne aate bhī nahīñ, what coyness this is, to abide,a screen beside her face, which neither does she clearly hide nor openly display, KHub parda hai ki chilman se lage baiThe hain, saf chhupte bhi nahin samne aate bhi nahin, baḌā maza ho jo mahshar meñ ham kareñ shikva, vo minnatoñ se kaheñ chup raho ḳhudā ke liye, baDa maza ho jo mahshar mein hum karen shikwa, wo minnaton se kahen chup raho KHuda ke liye, the mention of my condition was a complaint thought to be, what was it I said to you, you did not follow me, kahne detī nahīñ kuchh muñh se mohabbat merī, lab pe rah jaatī hai aa aa ke shikāyat merī, from voicing my emotions, love makes me refrain, grievances come to my lips but silent there remain, kahne deti nahin kuchh munh se mohabbat meri, lab pe rah jati hai aa aa ke shikayat meri, tell me pray for this crime what punishment is due, if I were to thus declare- I'm dying in love for you, urdu hai jis kā naam hamīñ jānte haiñ 'dāġh', urdu hai jis ka nam hamin jaante hain 'dagh', where virgins aged a million years reside, dī muazzin ne shab-e-vasl azaañ pichhle pahr, haa.e kambaḳht ko kis vaqt ḳhudā yaad aayā, as I was meeting my beloved there was a call to prayer.

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