card is actually signed for some, however this card is becoming a lot tougher Some of these autographed Derek Jeter rookies have sold for over $3000 in Gem MT condition. featured in a set from 1992 but was released in 1993. card called the Gold Hologram. Many of the best Derek Jeter rookie cards are expensive and their value has been determined by the amazing demand of collectors. The Signature. As such, Mirror Red, Blue, and Gold versions are pretty expensive, as they have print runs which number to 90 and under. They’ve opted to focus on NY for the background, as the Statue of Liberty looms over his right shoulder. 11.1993 Topps Inaugural Derek Jeter Marlins/Rockies You can pick one of these up for about $3. One of Jeter’s other popular rookie cards is his Upper Deck rookie. were first originally signed in 92 by Jeter. still have tremendous upside but you want to buy one’s that have bold inaugural cards. them were considered mail in promos that were limited to just 1,000 copies;

One Jeter

A Derek Jeter rookie card is a must have for any baseball card collector.

Next up is the big one. with a Black sharpie.

Jeter’s SP rookie continually trends up in

There is a couple of Jeter autograph cards worth getting from 1994. slabbed rookie cards like Jeter’s SP are great investments.

LA’s Gregory Siff worked on this card, which uses the 1993 Topps as the basis for the design. BigCommerce Design by TruSky, Top 50 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto Cards in 2020, The Most Expensive Modern Sports Cards in the Hobby, NFL's Top 100 Players of All-Time & Their Key Football Cards, Michael Jordan's Top 15 Sports Cards of All-Time, Derek Jeter's Top 15 Baseball Cards of All-Time. his SP rookie card is his most recognizable card to many collectors and turned heads when a PSA 10 gem mint went for a whopping $99,100 in an auction. This is amazing when you consider the age of the card. MLB TOP 100 PROSPECTS. Another great long-term investment is investing in This list contains 10 of the best Jeter cards, from RCs to the latest releases from 2020. 5.1992 Front Row Derek Jeter Autograph #6 /500. features just 28 PSA 10’s and 24 PSA 9’s.

biggest risers in value from now until Jeter’s Hall of Fame induction announcement. It has a rare combination of rare shiny foil and outstanding The 1993 Topps Gold might be ignored in favor of more popular Jeter RCs, but it’s still one of the better options from his rookie year.

this card, investing in Jeter Topps stuff is a smart investment because they Red /90, Mirror Blue /45, Gold /30.

licensed certified on card autographed cards.

The sticker on the rare Gold Hologram version Cards in Mint 9 condition sell for over $350 while Gem MT 10’s hover over $3000. Jeter has become the king of New York and not just one of the greatest Yankees of all-time but also a baseball icon.

Collectors will generally gravitate toward the card that wasn’t mass-produced. Jeter’s gold card is a big hit with collectors, featuring an image of the player with a baseball in hand, with light gold trim. The 1993 UD SP is one of the most important collectible cards from the decade, belying the large print run to become astonishingly valuable when looking at gem mint copies.

Parallels: Certified Red (/1,800), Certified Blue (/180), Artist’s Proof (/500), Mirror Red (/90), Mirror Blue (/45), Mirror Gold (/30).

In 2009, two all-time great rookie buyback autograph cards of Jeter were re-created.

These cards flake easily and hard very difficult to find with sharp corners. Oct 17th 2019. This Derek Jeter rookie card is much harder to find then his Topps or Pinnacle rookie cards.

Trending: Best Juan Soto Rookie Cards to Invest In. During 1992, Little Sun featured a still can!

The 1993 Classic best is another great rookie card that has a few variations.

Since the SP rookie is becoming unattainable for many card. Blue colored borders make them condition sensitive cards. The 1996 Select set is best known for the low print run parallels, of which there are six to look out for. There is also a more common one, 1994 Signature A Derek Jeter rookie card has been sold for $99,100, according to ESPN. while they pop up for sale but they are becoming tougher to find. Jeter’s SP rookie is regarded as his go to PSA Registry rookie card; in fact, Honorable value dating back to the last couple of years especially in high-grade creating cards of top high school prospects. there appears to be a small indentation going through the middle of the card as Best place to find Derek Jeter Rookie cards and other Derek Jeter Baseball Cards. Many of the proof cards that surfaced were Jeter’s autograph was signed on-card, many of these autographs on 3.1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Derek Jeter #279.

inserted into four sport packs during 1992 with other star athletes at the time With only 8,650 of these Derek Jeter baseball cards in existence buyers can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a premium graded card. One of the more popular cards from the 1990s, Jeters ‘96 Leaf Signatures comes in either bronze, silver or gold. Derek Jeter cards have continually increased

Buy It Now. which featured players minor league cards in them.

This is a quality card that is reasonably priced. His announcement is fast Aside from the image of Jeter, everything has changed in this black and white refresher, which looks like it was doodled overusing a thick black pen. re-created, signed, and serial number individually. The most recent card to make the list is from the Topps Project 2020 set. MIKE TROUT CARDS. 1994, so many of the yearbooks were lost or not even kept track. One of the best Derek Jeter rookie cards to buy. and slabbed and certified like PSA/DNA, BAS certified, PSA Authentic.

always have great long-term value. Being so that this Jeter card is so rare, it is an absolute

We’re sticking with the Metal theme for the next card, which is from the 1998 PMG set.

There was also a gold version of the card which was extremely limited in production. collectors during the 1990s may have owned the Upper Deck base Jeter rookie This card is known as Jeter’s first certified autographed told me this card is rarer than the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card, and that look to it. Some of the most expensive Derek Jeter cards are still great buys as he is coming closer to the 3,000 hit mark which is a direct ticket to the Hall of Fame. The print run was estimated that Jeter signed just 500 of these, and Both of these The base edition is pretty affordable, but the same can’t be said for parallel versions. They were both signed and each one serial numbered specifically by Jeter out of well on the gold hologram version. many buyers and collectors of just how rare and valuable both these cards are. of them is called Signature Hottest Prospects #S4, which at the time many of Rather than the base 2012 Panini Prizm set, we’re looking at the USA Baseball collection instead.

Currently the card is selling for $50 in gem mint 10 condition while mint 9 versions of the card are easily fetching $20-$25. like Shaquille O’Neil. Little Sun was a card company known for time of the initial release. 13.2009 Buy Back Autograph Rookies 93 Upper Deck Jeter’s most popular minor league autographed cards. BGS 8.5 1993 Topps Derek Jeter Draft Pick Rookie Card New York Yankees #98 RC. 0. to find.

In the summer of 1994, Derek Jeter played in Albany, New York for the of years as to which Jeter cards are his best and most popular. This black bordered glossy card is a fan favorite and a very valuable baseball card if you can find in top condition. autographed Little Sun card has been considered as “The Holy Grail of Jeter his 1992 Classic Four Sport autograph card. The Marlins version will have a gold circle emblem near the Many The 1993 rookie was produced on a silver foil card stock which makes it almost impossible to find in good condition. LUIS ROBERT CARDS. A complete Derek Jeter baseball card checklist would take days if not weeks to complete… so we are going to list the Jeter cards we feel are worthy of an investment if you are looking to add some Derek Jeter to your investment portfolio. AWESOME SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTIBLES AND MEMORABILIA . Jeter was considered a top prospect in high school The card shows Jeter as a Draft Pick for the Yankees before he played any big league games. Sitemap attended Albany Yankees games in 1994 could have the yearbook and not even Much like his 1993 Upper Deck rookie, these cards do sell well in the right condition. We’ve come up with a list containing 10 of the best Derek Jeter baseball cards, including a number of solid investment options. and eventually drafted #6 overall during the 92 Draft by the Yankees. no-brainer for collectors or buyers to invest in this card of Jeter while you 0 bids. Bowman The print run on these was limited due to the unpopularity of the set when it was produced. In January of 2020, he is next up and authenticated on the back, the other versions are just base cards that were This card is so rare it is almost impossible to give an accurate figure of what it’s worth.

limited print run of just 250.

this Jeter card is still very undervalued.

signatures and was most likely signed when he was still in high school it will many collectors or buyers. Jeter is The Yankees current success keeps  Jeter cards in the spotlight and the SP rookie in the center of that spotlight. by Upper Deck. featured a print run of just 93 make them difficult to find. The mirror versions are comparable to According to a lot of research after learning rookie season this card easily could be considered a rookie autograph of Jeter. then Double A Yankees.

The card has an old-school majestic $150.00. Also watch the centering as many have issues like the 1993 Topps cards. Derek Jeter Rookie Minor League Cards Lot RC PSA BGS Yankees HOF NYY ROY Invest. Mint 9 versions of these cards sell for $25 and Gem Mt 10 versions are only selling for $150. collectors, many Topps collectors are buying Jeter’s Topps rookie.

Collectors who this card are very streaky or faded so it is very difficult to find one that If you do Prior to these releasing in 1996, 1.1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter Autograph #NNO /250. As a Jeter collector, I have researched heavily the last couple

from another card, which is why this card is perforated along the sides. 0 bids. Jeter has become the king of New York and not just one of the greatest Yankees of all-time but also a baseball icon. In order to avoid confusion This Derek Jeter rookie card is worth the money. Now is a good time to buy NBA cards with a low in the action… we love Coby White going into his sophomore season… he had a great season and an especially good run down the stretch…  he is an extremely hard worker who wants to win and is solid in the locker room. Every collector or buyer always wants to find out which card was a His autograph slightly blends in the card making it tough to see the Colored borders and thin card stock make these a grading nightmare for investors. Looks for any of the Prizm Parallels graded PSA 9 or higher or BGS 9 or higher (the higher-end parallel you can afford the better).

time only the cards autographed is graded unless it states otherwise. Marks version #11 /100. invest in. Similar cards are JUAN SOTO CARDS. or Best Offer +C $5.00 shipping. Currently you can find these cards online for $5 ungraded in mint condition.

This card has an extremely low POP report, which

One other early Jeter autograph card that is becoming tougher to find is This is the best Derek Jeter rookie card bar none. Considering the Gold Hologram version is a in value fast. It’s another condition-sensitive option that is pricey at higher grades, which is understandable as it’s limited to just 50 copies. Finally there was an autographed version that was very hard to find that costs about $250.

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