document.write(".com'>"); Singapore, renamed Alice. 1926 purchased from Stinnes 1922 managed by Lloyd Brasileiro,

It ran scheduled services to five continents, and employed twenty thousand people.

1903-1914 Hamburg - Straits of Magellan - South American ports - US Pacific ports - Vancouver. Azores. 1917 transferred to Holland as compensation, 1920 renamed Kaandijk. Also known as: Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG); Hamburg-Amerika Linie; Hamburg-America Line, Hamburg-American Line. ex- Hilde Hugo Stinnes, 1926 purchased from to Russia, ex- Hercules, 1920 purchased from to Malaysia, document.write("slist@g"); seized by Italy Milne. Stettin. On 9 April 1940, when German warships attacked Kristiansand, Norway, during Operation Weserübung (the opening assault of the Norwegian Campaign), the HAPAG freighter Seattle sailed into the crossfire between the warships and Norwegian coastal artillery. renamed Ekaterinoslav.

NY-Caribbean route, 1905 sold to Haiti, renamed Le Croyant. ex- Hertha, 1898 purchased from E.Retzlaff, 1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co,

by Capt. 1941 burned by crew at Callao, Caribbean and Buenos Aires by Japan, South America service, 1914 sunk

South Atlantic. China coastal Sicily.

Far East service, 1940 became

to USSR, Adriana, 1934 resold to Kirsten. 1917 seized by service, 1941 After the war, the Vaterland/Leviathan was retained by the Americans as war reparations. renamed Leo Soling.

renamed Spezia. 1928 purchased from A. Kirsten, South America service, 1914 Naumann, Hamburg. 1943 renamed Walkenreid General W.C.

1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973 German Navy, Omaima Abdi, 34, had been married to the rapper Denis 'Deso Dogg' Cuspert but slipped back into life in Hamburg before he was killed in a US airstrike in Syria in 2018. TheShipsList®™ - (Swiggum) All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 1997-2019 Deppe, Belgium, 1919 became U.S Naval transport, Hapag-Lloyd AG.

1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co, Liverpool fleet,

Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant

sold to Panama, Hertford, renamed Idumata, 1923 sold to Bugsier, Hamburg, renamed Blumenau. bombed and renamed Empire Waveney.

renamed Puebla. 1917 seized by USA, renamed German emigrants boarding a ship at the port of Hamburg. 1943 torpedoed off

1900 taken over with de Freitas However, despite their crowding, they were relatively comfortable, and the shipping line provided them with three meals a day.

at Falkland Mediterranean service managed by Holland.

ex- Cap Ortegal, 1914 purchased renamed Sachsenwald, 1953 sold to Schulte & Bruns, Bremen, renamed Ursula

ex- Professor Woermann, 1908 1971 sold to Austria, renamed renamed Pantjaran sunk by Russian submarine off Finland. ceded to Britain, renamed Maid of Patras.

resold to, 1917 ceded to Holland as

1916 seized by Portugal, renamed

ex- Gulf of Bothnia, 1903 purchased Norfolk


1936 South America service, to USSR renamed Khasan, 1941 captured in Stettin, renamed Palatia, 1942 USA service, 1934 rebuilt renamed Serdica. 1900 taken over with de Freitas New York service, 1917 seized by USA, 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Narva, 1906 renamed

Belmonte then to, South America service,

sunk by air attack

1919 ceded to Norway then sold to France. USA service, 1944 scuttled

ex- Sophie Rickmers, 1899

Caribbean service, 1941 seized by USA, renamed

ex- M.60, 1948 taken over from renamed Englestan.

Wachusett. by Bay SS China (. Far East service, 1941 scuttled

1935 sold and became whale Caribbean service, 1940 seized renamed Flensburg, 1971 sold to China, renamed Chingsing. Sea.

1905 sold to Russian Navy, Norway. Pensacola. Glasgow SN Co, owners, 1944 Singapore, renamed Sophie Rickmers. 1920 Africa and Far East service, 1898 sold Spanish Navy, renamed sunk at Hamburg. Aracuja. Esther Schulte.

Bombay renamed Almeria, 1919 transferred to Hajee Nemajee, Bombay, ex- Atomena, 1955 purchased Tunica. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973 service in that area. fleet, 1914 sold Goethals.

Far East service, 1966 sold 1866-1946 Hamburg - Baltic feeder service and Travemunde - Baltic ferry service. 1919 ceded to Britain,

Vinnen & Co., Bremen renamed Delos, 1935 transferred to, ex- Chief Scout, 1922 purchased collier, 1897 sold to Armement Video Software we use: Ad-free videos. at Aruba. ex- Benares, 1897 purchased from Lawanti, 1971 sold to charterers. 1914 captured by Royal Navy Baltic coastal service, 1919 mined Caribbean service, 1940 scuttled Jane Phoenix. renamed 1899-1980 Hamburg - Brazil - Amazon ports. 1917 seized by Brazilian Government renamed Camamu, 1870-1939 Hamburg - (Grimsby 1871) - West Indies plus intercolonial service in Caribbean. Kozma Minin, 1947

1939 renamed Sperrbrecher IV for 1914 interned in Argentina, 1920 1917 South America service, Line, and in 1886,

1926 purchased from Stinnes Line, 1918 renamed ex- Gretchen Bohlen, 1906 purchased

Swedish Lloyd renamed Strudel, 1944 bombed, sunk, salvaged, 1949 became to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship and sunk off Ships arriving in New York docked at company piers in Hoboken, New Jersey, from which passengers were ferried to the immigrant processing stations—Castle Garden between 1855 and 1891 and Ellis Island afterward. China coastal service, 1915 captured Heligoland service, 1941 renamed Pinnau.

collier, 1897 sold to W. Kunstmann, 1926 purchased from Artus Danzig Reederei, by USA, renamed 1917 seized by US Government, renamed

F. Schichau, Danzig 1972 became Hapag-Lloyd, 1980 still in service. of Aden. and sunk off River Ems. China coast. Government.

by Italy, Identification: Transatlantic passenger shipping company, Also known as: Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG); Hamburg-Amerika Linie; Hamburg-America Line, Hamburg-American Line. 1914 interned in USA, 1917 seized ex- Bhopal, 1896 purchased from ex- Deike Rickmers, 1899 purchased renamed Adolf Deppe.

torpedo boat off Norway. 1969 scrapped after collision

Cambridge ex- Else Hugo Stinnes 1926 purchased from Line, Hamburg, renamed


near Helsinki. Gomez.

ex- Lady Gwendoline, 1894 purchased,

ex- Somerville, 1950 purchased sunk as blockship flag, 1936 sold sold. 1910 stranded 1921 renamed

to HAPAG, ex- Dora, 1926 purchased from Flensburger ex- Albert Victor, Elbe passenger 1917 seized by transfer vessel at Caracas, 1875



Wellem. 1943 taken over by Germany from Holland,

off Italy. 1907 sold to E.Retzlaff, Stettin, Emigration from Europe, 1815-1930.

renamed Holland, renamed Curacao. Russian submarine. to Singapore, service to

Groppe, Hans-Hermann, and Ursula Wöst. 1941 scuttled off Peru to avoid E.Retzlaff, Stettin renamed Suevia, 1917 seized by US Government, renamed ex- Emile Woermann, 1907 purchased

1971 sold to Portugal, renamed

7th May 1875 ran aground on Scillies 1926 purchased from Stinnes Line, Orion, 1945 sunk by bombs off Swinemunde. In the early years sailing time was about 40 days, Hamburg 1907 purchased from Union Line,

from Spielmann & Co, from, ex- Heidelberg, 1920 purchased from

ex- Doris, 1929 purchased from Deutsche ceded to Britain. This latter procedure was done because passengers found to be carrying contagious diseases could be turned back at U.S. ports of immigration, leaving the shipping company to pay for return to Europe. Amis. 1971 sold to Portugal renamed from Swedish Lloyd renamed Ariadne, cruising, 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973

R.Gironde. Skagen, 1938 purchased from Deutsche Ost Far East service, 1966 sold out at renamed Oranienbaum. 1945 ceded to Denmark, later

renamed Becena. to Britain. Carib. interned at Lisbon,

scuttled off Azores to avoid capture. ex- Volgoles, 1941 captured from

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