Great condition for their age Listed inside. Template by "Bryant Smith Design Group", Conclusions of a Meeting of the War Cabinet held at 10 Downing I.R.H. Russell, DSC, RNR). Clan Macdonald (9653 GRT, built 1939), Black, RN) (31 August – 2 September), the armed merchant cruiser HMS Derbyshire (Capt.(Retd.) by the Japanese in 1942.


Also dummy air attacks were carried out by aircraft from the carriers. G.K. Whitmy-Smith, RN) was sailed in her place and later joined the other destroyers at sea. and the American tanker; A/S escort was provided until 1800 hours 20 September 1941 by the destroyers HMS Velox and HMS Wrestler after which these returned to Freetown.

E.L. Berthon, DSC and Bar, RN) and HMS Zulu (Cdr. The force proceeded to position 62°00'N, 01°00'E which was reached at 0500/7. The last destroyers had just returned from oiling from ‘Force R’. These six sumarines had no contact with the enemy. E.B.C. The first of these ships had to be sunk (by HMS Bramham, the second blew up but the last eventually reached Malta. Captain Girling's house on the Esplanade at Largs Bay. container ship of the Overseas Container Ltd consortium, the 26,876 tonner Men of the Fort Largs Garrison Artillery.

Orontes, Viceroy of India and Nieuw Zeeland departed Capetown still escorted These ships were joined at sea on 1 August 1942 by the aircraft carrier HMS Argus (Capt. S.H.

Rochester Castle (7795 GRT, built 1937), She was decommissioned on 15 September 1944. 1940. [2][3][4], Lieutenant Colonel Peter Scratchley was primarily responsible for the design of both Fort Largs and its nearby precursor Fort Glanville.

HMS Derbyshire then left the C.M. These destroyers had sailed from Gibraltar on the 18th. She reported that there was no doubt that the submarine was sunk but no Axis submarines were operating in this area so the attack must have been bogus. Monarch. Edinburgh and Glenorchy were detached on 19 October and both arrived at Basra on 23 This apparently influenced the Italians as they had limited air cover and they turned back at 0130/13 when near Cape San Vito. Towards the end of the war she Vian, KBE, DSO and 2 Bars, RN), HMS Dido (Capt. Street, S.W. The other cruisers went to Naples. The netlayer HMS Guardian (A/Capt.

protect convoys between South Africa & England, though never actually reach First ten Italian torpedo-bombers were each to drop some sort of circling torpedo or mine a few hundred yards ahead of the British force, while eight fighter bombers made dive-bombing and machine-gun attacks. Dowler, RN), HMS Kingston (Lt.Cdr. Sold as part of the Aberdeen Line to Shaw, Savill & Albion following the collapse of the Kylsant shipping group. Scapa Around 0100/12, HMS Wolverine, rammed and sank the Italian submarine Dagabur which was trying to attack HMS Furious. Syfret, CB, RN. She was escorted by HMS Pakenham, HMS Paladin and HMS Jervis. African invasion she Troubridge, RN) departed Harstad, Norway for the Clyde. When she was sold to Japanese J.A.W. I.R.H.

In the 1960s it was repurposed for use as the South Australian Police Academy. Knight, RN) was also to be part of this group. 10th company garrison artillery winners of Company Gunnery Competition & Field Firing Competition for Perryman Shield. The convoy was ordered to scatter and HMS Berwick and HMS Bonaventure both engaged the German cruiser as did the corvette Cyclamen briefly. They were escorted by the destroyers HMS Somali (Capt. Plawski) which came from the Clyde.

She kindly shared the following description and Destroyers provided A/S escort, initially by HMS Havelock (Cdr. Near Cape Bon they encountered the Italian destroyer Lanzerotto Malocello that was laying a minefield. H.W.U. J.R. Barnes, RN), sloop HMS Wellington (Cdr. After conversion into a 'trooper' Moreton Bay gave Destroyers: HMS Ashanti, HMS Fury, HMS Foresight, HMS Icarus, HMS Intrepid, HMS Pathfinder and HMS Penn.


She had in fact hit the heavy cruiser Bolzano which was able to proceed northwards and the light cruiser Muzio Attendolo which managed to reach Messina with her bows blown off. The Clyde-built 'Bays' were very similar to their English … R.J.R.

Photo of HMS Jervis Bay taken by Shaw, Savill were also busy reorganising themselves, their services and At daylight on the 14th HMS Ledbury arrived to help bringing the Ohio to Malta. The Astern of the main body was the Port Chalmers escorted by the destroyer HMS Penn and the escort destroyer HMS Bramham. In April 2015 the barracks and drill hall were entered as a state heritage place on the South Australian Heritage Register.[10].

They were attacked between 0315 and 0430 hours about 15 nautical miles south-east of Kelibia whilst taking a short cut to overhaul the main body of the convoy. The remaining aircraft, estimated at 25 to 30 machines, attacked from the port bow, port beam and starboard quarter. Gray, DSC, RN). Paton, RN, flying the flag of the Rear-Admiral 10th C.S., Sir H.M. Burrough, CB, DSO, RN), HMS Kenya (Capt.

R.M.J. F. thread by someone named Bob.

Local A/S escort out of Freetown was provided from 19 to 2 1 October 1941 and consisted of the destroyers HMS Velox, HMS Wrestler and the corvettes HMS Anchusa (Lt. J.E.L. of these, the Barrister was unable to keep up with the convoy and was detached on 18 On the 24th, HMS Naiad parted company to return to the U.K. Mare, RIN), HMS HMS Sennen (Lt.Cdr. At least HMS Highlander oiled at Ponta Delgada, Azores, she rejoined the convoy around noon on 6 September. HMS Buxton later split off and proceeded towards Canada and HMS Sardonyx proceeded to Londonderry.

1939 14 February 1939. S.G.C. During operation Bellows, the aircraft carrier HMS Furious, started 37 Spitfire which were to proceed to Malta, when south of the Balearic Islands. At Freetown the convoy (now called WS 11B) was re-grouped and departed from there on 18 September 1941 for the Cape. ORP Piorun and ORP Garland parted company with the convoy shortly after noon on 3 September to assist a merchant vessel that was being bombed by German aircraft. Patrol. Force X was made up of the following ships: The Brisbane Star had by then also arrived. The destroyers then made rendes-vous with the British battleship HMS Rodney (Capt.

her last trip to Barrow where she was broken up. This is a unique Stevens, DSO, DSC, RN), HMS Paladin (Cdr. GRT, built 1920), Llandaff Castle (10799 GRT, built 1926), E.L. Berthon, DSC and Bar, RN) (31 August – 4 September), HMS Zulu (Cdr. Sinclair), HMS Wishart and HMS Vansittart. Submit events/comments/updates for this vessel, Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. (Govan, Scotland). R.S. Escort for this part of the convoy was provided by; HMS Repulse, HMIS Sutlej (Later went to the escort of convoy WS 11S), HMS Highlander (detached to fuel at the Azores), HMAS Nestor (Cdr. That evening reconnaissance aircraft reported one heavy and two light cruisers with eight destroyers about 80 nautical miles to the north of the western tip of Sicily and steering south. An initiative of the South Australian Maritime Museum. Namiesniowski) (31 August – 3 September), the sloops HMIS Sutlej (Capt. German reconnaissance aircraft started shadowing the convoy from dawn on the 11th, and thereafter they or Italian aircraft kept the convoy under continuous observation, despite the effort of the fighters from the carriers to shoot them down or drive them off. Grant, RN) escorted to convoy from 2 to 5 October. Rawson, RN). The City of Edinburgh, escorted by HMS Beaufort and HMS Belvoir proceeded to Haifa.

At dusk on the 10th both destroyers were detached to join the local escort. Wairangi (12436 GRT, built 1935), Captain Fegen meeting the Barrow-built sister Moreton Bay in demolition row. At this time the convoy came under attack by aircraft stationed on Sicily. St.J.A. Princess R.D. Bulteel, RN) escorted the convoy from 30 September to 5 October when she was detached to Gibraltar, escorted by three destroyers (see below). G.K. Whitmy-Smith, RN), HMS Kandahar (Cdr.

C.L. Pulaski (Polish, 6516 GRT, built 1912). Upload Media. Her sister ships were Jervis Bay, Moreton Bay, Esperance Bay Swain, RN) and HMS Quentin (Lt.Cdr. HMS Delight however had to turn back for repairs due to weather damage. An hour later 15 Savoia high-level bombers attacked followed until 1315 hours by torpedo-carrying Savoia’s. They were escorted by the destroyer HMS Venomous (Lt.Cdr. Hawkins, OBE, DSC, RN) (31 August – 2 September), HrMs Isaac Sweers (Cdr. 1, on Tuesday, February 20, 1940, at 11-30 A.M. , Page 71, The Official Website of the HMS Jervis Bay Association. Birch, RN), HMS Eridge (Lt.Cdr. The British ships returning to Gibraltar had better fortune. H.A. 'warship' to tie up in the historic Hamilton Harbour. R.T. White, DSO and Bar, RN), HMS Javelin (Cdr.

Escort was provided by the battlecruiser HMS Renown and the armed merchant cruiser Derbyshire. H.T.C. Tyson, RD, RNR) and HMS Sardonyx (Lt.Cdr. After fuelling they departed before daylight on the 23th to rejoin the convoy to the west of Gibraltar. Both groups were recalled to the Clyde later the same day. Oliver, DSC, RN) (from 30 September until 14 October. On 19 December 1940 the following troop transports / transports departed from the Clyde; More war service and the subsequent fate of the Jervis Bay is the focus A.S. Rosenthal, RAN) (joined around noon on 4 September coming from Gibraltar) and HMS Encounter (Lt.Cdr. HMS Kenya leading the port column, and the Ohio last ship but one in the starboard column, had narrow escapes. T.H. convoy and returned to Capetown. The other six submarines were given alternative patrol lines south of Pantelleria, one od which they were to take up at dawn on 13 August 1942, according to the movements of enemy surface ships that might threathen the convoy from the westward. W.G.A.

HMS Argus and her two escorting destroyers had departed the Clyde on 31 July. the South Atlantic, under the navigating skills of navigating officer George L. However the destroyer HMS Foresight was hit by a torpedo and disabled. Shortly after her maiden voyage, Largs Bay became entangled in a bitter dispute between the Australian Seaman’s Union and the

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