The honey cream pineapple combines three benefits in specific ways. I’ve got many pineapple plants now and soon I’ll be able to compare the White Jades vs Kuai White Sugarloaf vs the spiny White Sugarloaf. A golden yellow color on a yellow fleshed pineapple is usually a good thing but a golden yellow color on a Kauaʻi Sugarloaf White Pineapple would be clear indication of an overripe Sugarloaf Pineapple that is already past its prime and possibly even beginning to ferment.

The pale yellow fleshed fruit of White Jade is super sweet, with very low acidity.

Next season I hope to have some second generation fruits from tops and pups from last years first gen store bought tops. The core is soft and 100% edible! Food, A golden yellow color on a yellow fleshed pineapple is usually a good thing but a golden yellow color on a Kauaʻi Sugarloaf White Pineapple would be clear indication of an overripe Sugarloaf Pineapple that is already past its prime and possibly even beginning to ferment.

Member; Posts: 335; Zone 9B; Re: White Jade Pineapple « Reply #200 on: July 12, 2017, 04:42:22 PM » Quote from: simon_grow on July 11, 2017, 09:48:55 PM. The core of Kauaʻi Sugarloaf is completely edible, and is not woody or stringy as is the case in other varieties of pineapple. It took mine about three years to fruit but it was neglected and I live in a marginal climate for Pineapples. © 2020 Just Fruits and Exotics • Created by The Taproot Agency.

Kauaʻi Sugarloaf is much sweeter and hence it will feel heavy for its size. Be forewarned that the pineapple may appear to be doing nothing or even look worse when in fact it is developing and will be fine and start growing months later. White Jade is a winner. Plant in barely damp soil packing tightly around the base.

How long do they take to bloom mine are huge but no pineapple, they are about 13-15 months, thanks.

Maybe now so more than ever — with the ability to …. After … Your Email address will be kept private, this form is secure and we never spam you. During the seasonal bloom at 12-18 months of age, fruits start to grow from a central leader which puts forth an inflorescence of many small purple or red flowers.

Therefore, the shipping cost is simply what it costs for us to get your order from the nursery to you. First, it is significantly sweeter.

Here is an update of my first White Jade Pineapple plant and Fruit.

Two indicators of a good pineapple are ripeness and deterioration. Buy Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple grown on Kauaʻi shipped anywhere in the US or at local markets.

They were from Hawaii. I just checked when I first noticed the flower stalk and it was around June 12 so the fruit should be ready somewhere around December 12.

I am growing multiple varieties now, but have not had the chance yet to taste the fruit.

Ripens in September. Sorry to hear of your lost Simon, after growing pineapples in my G.H. I too have noticed tremendous root balls on my pineapples. Also, citrus trees cannot be shipped outside of the state of Florida. First time I had was years ago in Maui. Breakthrough innovation is tricky. Sugarloaf Pineapple is a highly sought after Hawaiian variety. They don't ship well and are rarely seen outside of Hawaii unless homegrown.

Most pineapple has yellow flesh and somewhat fibrous.

Be sure to check with your local farmers and farmers’ markets for this healthy local delight, and if you would like to see for yourself how it is grown and learn more about White Pineapple, be sure to check out Sage Farms Annual White Pineapple Festival called Hala Kea every July on the Farm in Hawi. Receive updates, discounts, tips and more. Sugarloaf pineapples are often called Pan de Azucar in South America, and are also known as Kona pineapples, Kona Sugarloaf, or Brazilian White pineapples. Cylindrical in shape, it has high sugar content but no acid. My elite gold that I got as a 2 inch tissue culture took 2 years to flower and then another 6 months to harvest.

Am also growing White Jade which folks rave about. The plants are watered well before they are packed and wrapped in a shipping bag to ensure they stay moist during transit.

We do not currently have a growing guide for Pineapple plants.

"All discussion content within the forum reflects the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by the Tropical Fruit Forum as an organization. And that's the point.

Sweet white flesh, edible core and very low in acid, and has beautiful blue grey foliage. I have been hearing about White Jade & White Kona Sugarloaf (edible core) as being the best tasting for years.

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