Kelly's influence spans from residential and commercial projects, bespoke furniture, home and fashion collections, hotel design, and collaborations with some of the industry’s leading names. Through your drive and ambition, how have you managed to become the interior decorator to the stars? [6] Also in 2008 she introduced a line of decorative home goods for Bergdorf Goodman,[5] which was sold out of her own retail shop in the store. [21][30], Wearstler published her first book of design in March 2004. Finding harmony in many different perspectives and influences is key to a successful project. Known best for her A-list client roster and destination-in-their-own-right luxury hotel projects, the South Carolina native put herself through art school in Boston while waiting tables on the side. "[20], Wearstler and her husband, Brad Korzen,[42] married in 2002 and now have two sons, Oliver and Elliot. Wearstler's own living room in her home in Beverly Hills, California.

There has to be a hierarchy within a space. [5] The New Yorker opined that since the late 1990s, "her style has evolved from mid-century modern to glammed-up Hollywood Regency to an ornate, layered look inspired in part by the late Hollywood set decorator and interior designer Tony Duquette. [6], Her work on the Avalon and the Maison 140 led to a commission designing Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, a new chain of boutique hotels,[5] which she gave an "almost theatrical" Hollywood aesthetic. [10], Wearstler has released four books, and her first, Modern Glamour, was named a best seller by the Los Angeles Times in 2006. [25], In 1995 Wearstler opened Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (Kwid, or KWID), her own design firm. KW: My aesthetic is about mixology and materiality, pairing contemporary and vintage, raw and refined, masculine and feminine. Recently, she’s branched further afield. Each Proper experience is an ode to its city, with each hotel intrinsically dialed-in to the best and most authentic aspects the areas have to offer. Architecture and interiors influence our art pieces, home décor, furniture, and vice versa. [11] Wearstler was also commissioned to design the $800 million renovation for Westfield Century City,[12] a shopping center in Los Angeles. '"[34] In 2011 she was named to Architectural Digest's AD100 list, which is also dubbed the Top 100 Architecture & Interior Design list. From choosing color, textures, and furniture to curating your own collections of art and objects, learn how to make the most of the space you have, find your inspiration, and use space to tell a story. It’s the best Italian in LA. Wearstler, her husband Brad Korzen, and sons Oliver, 15, and Elliott, 14, live in a 1926 Beverly Hills estate renovated in 2009 by Brian Tichenor. To get the most bang for your buck (start with) paint. According to Architectural Digest, both the flavors and Wearstler's "whimsical" packaging are inspired by features and locales of Los Angeles. It’s a modern interpretation of the classic turn-of-the-century European chocolate shops reinterpreted with a California lens. A product designer extraordinaire, she has designed stones and tiles for Ann Sacks; fabrics, wallcoverings, and trims for Lee Jofa; floor coverings for The Rug Company. KW: A sanctuary can be any place in your home that makes you feel good, that makes you feel safe.

Concierge seating area at Santa Monica Proper Hotel. We visited Wearstler’s studio in Los Angeles, as well as her flagship store; both made us want to empty our wallets immediately. I don’t brush it or anything. [22] Wearstler announced her own eponymously named fashion line, Kelly Wearstler, in spring 2011. This week, we interviewed one of our biggest design crushes, Kelly Wearstler, to find out where the venerable lifestyle brand maverick goes to get inspired most. In small, cramped spaces, I think color is a huge game-changer. You don't have to commit to one full color, but it just adds so much drama and interest and it says a lot about you as well. Also, it's the perfect lighting for doing a virtual meeting. A lot of clients will say, 'Kelly, I love color but I'm not sure what color I want to move forward with.' As an artist and designer, I want to be constantly educating my eye and challenging myself. Quieter details are necessary to ground bigger voices and allow statement pieces to shine.”. My mother was a designer and took me to antique shows and auctions, which educated my eye from a young age. Placing all the elements, textures and colors of a space within a single tray helps to visualize the overall balance and cohesive dialogue. The furnishings are a melange of progressive contemporary furniture designers and artists, as well as unique finds from Wearstler's travels. It's next to a set of windows and doors, (and looks out to a) garden with all this green landscaping, and there's a fireplace in there.

The climate, history, and iconography of each city are considered from the beginning. What is your modus operandi, your work method, your differentiating factor? She would come home from school to find rooms often painted new colors. "I think more and more people (in the future) will be working from home, creating their sanctuaries and making them as functional, efficient and as beautiful as they possibly can.

One of our main mandates from the start was to find a way to make people do more than shop and leave the mall. I start by asking them what story they want to tell, how they want to feel.

[31] Publishers Weekly wrote that the book's "large, full-bleed color photographs do justice to the variety of [Wearstler's] creations. When projects are successfully articulated, there’s a natural progression that occurs. Windows are like framed pieces of art bringing elements and colors from the outside in. They are my greatest teachers. Kelly Wearstler's renovation at the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles, 2017.

Kelly Wearstler is perhaps best known for her luxurious hotel interiors – such as the restaurant at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman and the opulent spaces in Viceroy Miami. It would be so interesting to talk about his creative process and how he translates his innovative ideas into realities.”, “Magazines, museums, art shows, boutiques, and galleries. [15] In early 2016 an exclusive line of her homeware debuted in Harrods,[16][17] and soon after she launched a bridal registry featuring designer products for the home. What will differentiate the hotel?

Viceroys worldwide followed. I love technology and how he’s constantly fast-forwarding it into the future, with a constant focus on design and progress. [6] In 1992 she was a production assistant on HouseSitter, and the following year she served as an uncredited assistant art director on So I Married an Axe Murderer. There’s a thrill to designing environments for people to expand their experiences. For me, designing is storytelling – mixing raw with refined, high and low, vintage and modern, patterns, textures and colors in a signature way. Kelly Wearstler is as classic, chic and gorgeous as the home decor she peddles; she’s also as versatile as her interior design brand, which has recently expanded to fine jewelry. I won’t travel without Frank, my grandmother’s teddy bear. Below, America's reigning interior design queen lends her expertise on creating ideal work environments and playing with space. Plus, you have an opportunity to work with a broad range of clients who educate you during the design process. [24] After working small roles on several sets[26] she decided not to pursue a film career,[25] though the experience did lead to an interior design commission from a film producer. In her MasterClass, award-winning designer Kelly Wearstler teaches you interior design techniques that you can use to elevate any space. KW: Travelers are living in the moment, outside of their normal, daily routine. If you want to create a nook in a room, get maybe six plants. "[6] With apartments filled with pieces from modernist artists such as Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen and George Nelson,[26] The New York Times would write a decade later that "her playful, elegantly over-the-top designs for the Avalon Beverly Hills changed the look of boutique hotels around the world. The walls are covered in vegetable-dyed handmade paper by Cannon Bullock. A piece of art, an incredible rug or a special vintage piece – anything that makes one feel something has the most fertile ground for building out the rest of the vibe. KW: It starts with service.

[6] Wrote the Los Angeles Times about the book, "Hollywood glamour, neoclassical ornamentation, pattern and texture prove to be Wearstler signatures, but color, she writes, 'is everything. Kelly's influence spans from residential and commercial projects, bespoke furniture, home and fashion collections, hotel design, and collaborations with some of the industry’s leading names.

I learned a lot but found it challenging. It’s important to ask and learn whatever it is that you don’t know. KW: Yes! Opined Wallpaper*, "all the pieces are imbued with personality. Each client teaches me something new and brings something different to the table. [10] According to the Los Angeles Times, the book's photography demonstrates how some of her interiors are "kaleidoscopic confections while others have a classical elegance. KW: My staff of about 50 includes interior designers, architects, graphic designers, product designers, artists, and our sales and marketing teams. San Francisco and Santa Monica Proper are the new hotel projects I’ve completed. Or if you have a beautiful conch shell pink color on a bunch of blouses, maybe you would like to be surrounded in a room that has that color scheme. I always want to tell evocative stories, adventurous and full of soul, incorporating a mixology of materials and influences. Unexpected influences, it seems, beget her spirited and distinctive aesthetic, a dynamic that makes Wearstler one of the most sought after tastemakers in the business. With her first project, the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills where we first met, she hit the ground running.

It’s an amazingly efficient workout. Our target customer is anyone who is inspired by experience, loves to travel, has an affinity for art and appreciation of thoughtful details. Design is largely intuitive for Kelly Wearstler, which she describes as “a sort of falling in love over and over again”. We needed to give them places they wanted to be in, to linger and lounge in, because they felt good in them. For someone that has an open-floor plan, or a smaller-scale place, create a space-within-a-space by using objects, a folding screen, a sculpture, drapery or plants. What are your morning and nightly beauty routines? Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

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